Alberta Bobsleigh

Service Awards

Service Awards

The Alberta Bobsleigh Association is proud to have a service award program for its volunteers. The following levels of service awards are presented at the Annual Awards Banquet each year:

  • Five Years
  • Ten Years
  • Fifteen Years
  • Twenty Years

To be eligible for the service awards each volunteer must be a member in good standing of the Association and collect a minimum of 10 points per year. The years of service are accumulated and do not have to be consecutive. Points are recorded from March 1st to February 28th for each year

  • Board Meeting – 1 point per meeting
  • Planning Meeting – 2 points per meeting
  • Coaching – 1 point per session
  • Officiating- 1 point per day of event (each training day is one point and each race day is one point)
  • Casino- 2 points per shift
  • Other- 1 point per event day or function

Current Service Award Recipients

25 Years
20 Years
15 Years
10 Years
5 Years