Alberta Bobsleigh

Alberta Team

Alberta Bobsleigh Association (ABA) aims to provide opportunities for Alberta Bobsleigh members to progress to the Alberta Team level and beyond. To that end, the Association shall, every year, engage in a comprehensive selection procedure, in order to choose an Alberta Team.

Athletes must meet a minimum requirement of completing one bobsleigh testing camp sanctioned by ABA or Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton (BCS). Athletes must enter on-ice selection races for both drivers and brakeman/crewman. The team will consist of a maximum of 12 male and six female athletes with the intention to progress to the National Team and meet the following criteria:

Alberta Bobsleigh Team Selection

The selection process comprises two parts: Eligibility Criteria (Part A) and each year a Selection Race Process (Part B).

Athlete Eligibility Criteria (Part A)

To be considered for the Alberta Team and compete in the ABA Selection Races the athletes must first meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a member in good standing, of an ABA affiliate club, ABA and BCS.
  • Must hold a six month permanent residency in Alberta and possess a valid Alberta health care number.
  • Must adhere to the Code of Ethics established by ABA and other applicable agencies and sponsors.
  • Must complete an Athlete Agreement Form.
  • If requested, must provide a form of medical fitness.
  • Not previously supported by BCS, as a C card or higher, in the same athletic position. Example: a previously carded brakeman/crewman may become a pilot on the Alberta Team.
  • Must meet the minimum requirement of completing one bobsleigh testing camp sanctioned by Alberta Bobsleigh or Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton. Out of province athletes who meet the Eligibility Criteria, excluding point 2, will be reviewed by the ABA board of directors for approval of acceptance. These athletes will not displace Alberta athletes off the team and will not use provincial funding meant for Alberta athletes. The ABA board of directors will review the funds required from the out of province athlete on a year by year basis, based on where we will be traveling that season.

  • ABA will support athletes up to a maximum of 3 season as a funded member of the Alberta team in any one position (pilot or brakeman/crewman). This does not apply to Youth level athletes who qualify and make the ABA team.

    Selection Race Process (Part B)

    Details pertaining to the Alberta Bobsleigh Selection Race Process (Part B) will be sent to all eligible athletes and posted on the ABA website prior to the start of the season.