Alberta Bobsleigh

Start Team

The start team consists of the following personnel:

  • Chief of Start
  • Starter – Headset
  • Temperature gauge person
  • Temperature recorder
  • Acetone
  • Sweeper
  • Sled unloading supervisor
  • Start line supervisor
  • Access Control

Chief of Start

  • Ensures that all personnel are in place and have a clear
    understanding of their role.
  • Ensures that the equipment necessary for the start area is in the start house:
    • two radios
    • two temperature gauges
    • clipboard/start lists/pencil
    • stop watch
    • pens/chalk
    • acetone/clothes/gloves
    • two start shoe brushes
  • Ensures that the test runner is in the start house 90 minutes before the competition.
  • Ensures that the test runner is put out and the temperatures are recorded as per the rule book.
  • Reports all problems directly to the Race Director
  • Ensures that proper security is in place for restricted areas.
  • Post start list in the start house


  • Establishes communication between the finish and timing tower while event is taking place. Keeps talk on the radio to a minimum.
  • Ensures that track is cleared prior to the team starting
  • Ensures that teams do not put their sled in the start grooves prior to the 60 second start clock coming on.
  • Ensures that the crews safety equipment is all on, i.e., helmets are done up.
  • Keeps the flow of the race going.

Temperature Gauge Marshall

  • Ensure both temperature gauges are working. While using the gauges do not leave them on, the batteries run down.
  • Take temperatures of the test runner, ice temperature and air temperature at times stated in the IBSF rule book. Current times are as follows:
    • One hour prior to the start
    • 10 minutes prior to the start
    • every 15 minutes after that
  • Take temperatures of the sled as per instruction from the Jury.
  • Make sure that you take the temperature of each runner in several spots on the runner.

Temperature Recorder

  • Records the temperatures of the runners and the test runner. The test runner, ice temperature and outside temperature is recorder on the chalk board in the start area at the times stated in the F.I.B.T. rule book.
    Current times are as follows:
    • One hour prior to the start
    • 10 minutes prior to the start
    • every 15 minutes after that
  • The temperature gauge marshal will give you the temperatures please ensure they are correctly recorded.


  • The Jury will instruct you when they wish the runners to be wiped.
  • Ensure that each of the runners is wiped completely.
  • Runners are usually wiped prior to the start of both heats.


  • Sweep the start area and ensure that the start grooves are clean of ice and snow.
  • You must sweep for every sled.
  • Ensure that you watch the location of the timing eyes and do not go through them.

Sled Unloading Supervisor

  • Have athletes unload both sleds and then move them into place. This allows the trucks to run more efficiently.
  • Ensure that scabbards are loaded onto the trucks going to the finish.

Start Line Supervisor

  • This position is only used in World Cup or events where large number of sleds and personnel are entered.
  • Ensure that only two or three sleds are on the ice apron at a time.
  • The number of sleds will be determined by the Jury as well as the number of team officials allowed onto the ice apron.
  • Please be courteous and if you have a problem with team officials notify the Chief of Start.

Access Control

  • This position is only used during World Cup events.
  • Ensure that only accredited people are allowed on the start dock and in the start house.
  • The general public must not be allowed in the start house.